Halishahar Cantonment Public School & College



Halishahar Cantonment Public School & College has started its journey from January 2013 with the motto ‘Let’s Learn and Build the Nation’. The Journey endeavors to ensure quality education which will add some value to the total percentage of education of the country.

1. LIBRARY: This School has a library enriched with books, magazines and journals in addition to the supplementary books on various subjects. Our library has the collection of a host of new books on literature, grammar, history, adventure, science & technology, religion etc. To encourage and enhance the habit of reading students are also given reading and book review assignments during vacations. Besides, students are also encouraged to participate in book reading programs offered by ‘Bishwa Shahitta Kendra and British Council’.

2. LABORATORY FACILITIES:  A well-equipped laboratory each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ICT has been established here. The institution has a large ICT Lab where 60 students with laptop can work at a time.

3. FAMILY SECURITY:  With an obligatory yearly subscription of Tk. 100.00 every student becomes a member of a security insurance scheme called ‘Family Security Project’ managed by the Army Headquarters. Students may get financial assistance from this project for treatment or loss of organ. Parents receive a substantial amount on the event of death of a student. A detail policy is followed in this regard.

4. CANTEEN: The institution is running a canteen to make available commodities including food, beverage and outfit items at a very reasonable price. The canteen department is being operated by the school with strict supervision on hygiene and good conduct with the students.

5. STIMULATING PART: Beside the Playground, there’s recreational setup for the students, such as swing, slipper, physiological center etc.

6. Help DESK: All kinds of information of academic administrative wing are provided from the help desk to enhance the best cooperation with the students and guardians. Front Desk Contact No- 031 2516460, 01769 253174

7. WEBSITE SERVICE: Guardian can also pick out any kind of information from our website. Our website address is: www.hcpsc.edu.bd. Our Website serves to publish result, absent notification, sending SMS etc.

8. Guardian Shed: There is a guardian shed in this institution. Guardian can wait there if needed.

9. College Structural Facilities: This institution is located in a charming natural environment. It has an amazing architectural view with available rooms and requisite facilities.

10. Co-curricular/Club Activities: Besides educational curriculum, students are offered extracurricular activities such as sports, debate, 3rd language etc. These activities are intended to benefit children and give them an all rounded school experience. The effects of the activities can be found in academic achievement, health, self-esteem and behavior. The students of this institution are encouraged not only to be good students but also to be good citizens. To make so, we include wide spectrum of cultural, sports and other creative activities in our regular routine. We run club activities through as Debate club, Literature Club, Math Club, Science club, Sports club, Cultural Club, Quiz club etc. Students are also encouraged to join Scout, Girls Guide, BNCC and Red Crescent groups to get life skills trainings. Clubs activities are held for 50 min. on every Thursday.

11. Automation System: The automation software packages include:

a.         Students Information & Collection System (SICS)

b.         Result Management System (RMS)

c.         Absent Notification System (ANS)

d.         Short Message System (SMS)

e.         Dynamic Website (DW)

f.          Parents’ Portal (PP)    

12. Extra Facilities of Campus: Exceptional facilities of HCPSC are as follows:

         (1)     Transport Facilities                        (2)      Treatment Facilities (General)

         (3)     Prayer Room                                 (4)      Bank Booth

         (5)     Canteen Service                            (6)      Girls’ Common Room

         (7)     Playground                                    (8)      Wi-Fi Zone

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